Historical Data

Terabytes of data at your fingertips

With full aggregate and trade level history for more than 6,000+ coins and 250,000+ crypto and fiat trading pairs on a daily, hourly and minute-by-minute basis, CryptoCompare’s normalised data sets are used for a range of different functions, including strategy backtesting, market sentiment and volatility measurement, research, modelling, portfolio valuation, and tax calculation.

Full Minute-Granularity Historical Data now available in CSV Format. The new endpoint returns a full repository of minute-by-minute OHLCV data for all exchanges, including over 200 exchanges rigorously selected through our proprietary CCCAGG methodology. Contact us to get access.


Market measurement of open, high, low, close, and volume transacted over a given period of time

Tick Data

Raw normalised transaction data directly from exchanges

Order Book Data

Full Level 2 order book data direct from exchanges


Volume-weighted average price of an asset, based on our proprietary CCCAGG methodology