Live trade and order book streaming

CryptoCompare’s real-time websocket and API services allow users to manage multiple exchange market data feeds from a single connection. Subscribe to L1, L2 order book, and trade execution updates for all markets within an exchange or a subset of interested markets. Gain real-time insights across global digital asset markets by accessing a clean, standardised data set.

How to get access to the new feed: This service requires IP whitelisting as well as an API key. Contact us to get access.

Order Book

Our order book websocket normalises full L2 order book data across multiple exchanges and provides a single endpoint for consumption which can be filtered by exchange, pair, and depth of order book. We also provide an API for real-time and historical snapshots of the order book and best bid/ask.

Trade Data

Our trade websocket provides near real-time delivery of trade data directly from exchanges. Users can plug into a single websocket to obtain trade data across multiple exchanges.


Users can access real-time price snapshots via our API. We will soon provide historical aggregate data on our websocket.