Use Cases

Traders & Portfolio Managers

Traders use our API to track live markets, volumes and spreads across multiple exchanges, and identify arbitrage opportunities. Portfolio managers use our data to identify investment opportunities, value their portfolios in real-time and use our historical data sets to backtest strategies.

Custodians & Fund Administrators

Custodians and fund administrators use our real-time and historical pricing to provide a fair valuation of cryptoassets at any point in time. We can also create custom pricing backtests, and real-time feeds for specific use cases.

Tax Service Providers & Auditors

Our pricing is used by a range of tax companies focused on cryptoasset tax and audit, including big four firms. With 6,000+ assets in 50+ fiat currencies, our historical API automatically calculates the fair market value of cryptoassets into any fiat currency at any point in time.

Derivatives Exchanges & CFD Providers

Our real-time CCCAGG prices and MVIS CryptoCompare indices are used as the basis for financial instruments by a number of derivatives providers. We provide fully managed, independent, third-party pricing that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each product or service. Our indices are being used for products trading on live exchanges such as SIX Swiss Exchange and Nasdaq.