Bitcoin’s ‘Most Volatile Day’ Prompts Exchanges to Make Changes

28 Apr 2020

The average daily volume of top derivatives exchanges, including Huobi, BitMex and OkEx, dropped from 30% to nearly 60% between March and April, according to CryptoCompare. Average daily volume on many spot exchanges, including Binance and OkEx, also dropped by at least 10%, according to CryptoCompare.

Press Releases

Published On
July 16, 2020
CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark

MV Index Solutions (MVIS®) and CryptoCompare announced the licensing of the MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin Index (MVBTC) to Arrano Capital for its recently launched Bitcoin fund.

Published On
July 13, 2020
CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark

CryptoCompare, the global leader in digital asset data, today announced an update to its cryptocurrency Exchange Benchmark, revealing a new ranking of exchanges based on several criteria including counterparty, operational, trading and security risk.

Published On
June 3, 2020
CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark

MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS) in partnership with CryptoCompare, announced the launch of the MVIS CryptoCompare Bitcoin Benchmark Rate (ticker: BBR), an index designed to offer a robust hourly price for Bitcoin in USD.

Published On
April 9, 2020
CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark

The MVIS CryptoCompare Institutional Bitcoin Index has been licensed to 3iQ Corp for The Bitcoin Fund (Ticker: QBTC.u on the Toronto Stock Exchange).

Published On
April 8, 2020
CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark

MV Index Solutions GmbH (MVIS®) administered NRI/IU Crypto-Asset Index (USD) (tickers: NRIIUU/NRIIUJ) will now be distributed via QUICK’s workstation and QUICK LevelX r1 (Quick Terminals).

Published On
March 11, 2020
CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark

CryptoCompare has launched a new, revamped streaming API that can be accessed via WebSocket connection. The new connection offers real-time trade, ticker, volume and level 2 orderbook data, as well as OHLC candles and a subscription to the CryptoCompare Aggregate Index (CCAGGG).

In The News

9 Apr 2020
CryptoCompare Nasdaq Crypto Pricing

The fund tracks the bitcoin (BTC) price using an index feed co-developed by MV Index Solutions (MVIS), a VanEck Europe subsidiary, and cryptocurrency market data provider CryptoCompare.

Finance Magnates
29 Jan 2020
CryptoCompare Exchange Review

Intelligence Unit (IU) (…) announced on Wednesday its partnership with Nomura Research Institute (NRI) to launch a digital asset index – NRI/IU Crypto-Asset Index – in Japan. (…) the companies also tied with MV Index Solutions and CryptoCompare for utilizing their market and price tracking technologies.

Yahoo Finance
25 Jul 2019
Ripple chooses CryptoCompare

Ripple has recently opted for a new trading volume benchmark, based on data from cryptocurrency index CryptoCompare. Ripple hopes it will be able to better address concerns about “misreported, falsified and inflated reported trading volumes,” and provide more accurate trading figures.

25 Apr 2019
BitMEX, CryptoCompare and Refinitiv

Tether has become a major source of liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. About 80% of all bitcoin trading is done in Tether, according to data from research site CryptoCompare.