CryptoCompare Launches Benchmark Rankings for Exchanges

12 Jun 2019

Cryptocurrency data and indices provider CryptoCompare is working to make it easier to spot good and bad crypto exchanges.

CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark

In The News

Yahoo Finance
25 Jul 2019
Ripple chooses CryptoCompare

Ripple has recently opted for a new trading volume benchmark, based on data from cryptocurrency index CryptoCompare. Ripple hopes it will be able to better address concerns about “misreported, falsified and inflated reported trading volumes,” and provide more accurate trading figures.

25 Apr 2019
BitMEX, CryptoCompare and Refinitiv

Tether has become a major source of liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. About 80% of all bitcoin trading is done in Tether, according to data from research site CryptoCompare.

BitMEX Research
6 Nov 2018
CryptoCompare Exchange Review

The report was produced by CryptoCompare and uses the CryptoCompare's Aggregate Pricing Index (the CCCAGG).

7 Dec 2018
CryptoCompare Nasdaq Crypto Pricing

CryptoCompare is providing data for a series of digital asset futures contracts from Nasdaq and MV Index Solutions (MVIS), a subsidiary of investment management firm VanEck.

Press Releases

Published on:
21 Oct 2019
CryptoCompare Exchange Review

CryptoCompare, the leading provider of cryptocurrency data and indices, today released its September 2019 Exchange Review which provides analysis of key developments in the cryptocurrency exchange-traded market.

Published on:
17 Oct 2018
CryptoCompare API

CryptoCompare today announced the launch of its real-time order book product. The new product will enable clients to create predictive analytics to monitor exchange trading in real-time and anticipate sudden changes across trading activity, asset pricing, cost of trading and liquidity.

Published on:
10 Jun 2019
BitMEX, CryptoCompare and Refinitiv

CryptoCompare and BitMEX, the world's most advanced cryptocurrency derivatives platform, today announced a partnership to deliver a definitive, real-time cryptocurrency futures dataset to institutional investors via the Refinitiv Eikon terminal.

Published on:
15 Mar 2019
CryptoCompare Joins GDF Advisory Council

Global Digital Finance (GDF), the industry membership body that promotes the adoption of best practices and conduct standards for crypto assets and digital finance technologies, has announced the appointment of their Advisory Council on the 14th March 2019.