CryptoCompare has launched a new, revamped streaming API that can be accessed via WebSocket connection. The new connection offers real-time trade, ticker, volume and level 2 order book data, as well as OHLC candles and a subscription to the CryptoCompare Aggregate Index (CCCAGG).

Vlad Cealicu, co-founder and CTO of CryptoCompare said:

The new, revamped streaming API offers clients the best real-time data available in the digital asset ecosystem. We are proud to be providing one of the foundations necessary to further establish this asset class as the industry moves forward.

Offering access to over 50,000 trading pairs across more than 170 exchanges, the streaming service can be used by clients to build trading algorithms, develop applications, or conduct research.

To find out more about the product, and test the data feed on the streamer playground, visit our API documentation page.

For a more detailed explanation of how the API works under the hood, see our blog post here.