The Financial Times, in partnership with Wilshire, has today launched an easy-to-use data platform for pricing and insights into the digital assets market on, using the FT Wilshire Digital Asset Index Series. The dashboard will be accessible to all users including non-FT subscribers.

The FT Digital Asset Dashboard gives readers institutional-quality information to make better-informed decisions when researching and investing into the emerging class of digital assets. Readers can explore and dissect digital asset data, identify global trends and compare the value change of an initial 10 major digital assets and the broader aggregate market in near real-time.

James Lamont, FT director of strategic partnerships, said: “The dashboard marks a major step by the FT into the coverage of the fast-growing cryptocurrency market and an extension of our indices and brand partnership with Wilshire. It will provide authoritative insight into an exciting and volatile market, presenting a powerful health-of-the-industry perspective for all users, as well as in-depth key metrics around transaction volume, volatility and the activity of major traders.”
Mark Makepeace, CEO of Wilshire, said: "Wilshire is committed to educating institutional investors on future investment trends so we’re delighted to be partnering with the FT to innovate and bring greater transparency to new markets. With Wilshire’s deep asset allocation knowledge and respected research capabilities now combined with rich index market data, we’re helping investors explore new opportunities in new ways, including digital assets, climate change and factor-based investment strategies.”

The Digital Assets Dashboard will allow the FT to deepen its relationship with existing, institutional subscribers whilst expanding into a new audience of investors seeking quality, trustworthy digital asset market intelligence.

The dashboard features the FT Wilshire Digital Asset Index Series, part of a series of new indices researched and developed by Wilshire with underlying data provided by CryptoCompare. The FT’s return to the index market in 2021 began with the launch of the FT Wilshire 5000 Index Series

The dashboard will be accessible to all users including non-FT subscribers.