CryptoCompare Aggregate Index Constituent Review

Report Summary

The goal of the Constituent Review Methodology (Review) is to maintain integrity for the CCCAGG indices, and allow for the best price discovery. Each price index will be assessed individually. The scope of this review is currently for spot exchange pairs only.

CCCAGG is CryptoCompare's proprietary index calculation methodology for digital assets, based on 24-hour volume weighted average calculation, time-penalty factor and outlier methodology. CCCAGG is aggregated across multiple exchanges for each trading pairs. Currently CryptoCompare calculates more than 10,000 CCCAGG price indices across 180 exchanges, aggregating more than 50,000 data feeds.

One crucial part of the methodology is the constituent exchange selection process, whereby each exchange is tested for eligibility requirements to be included in the aggregation. The selection methodology consists of a qualitative part, using the CryptoCompare Exchange Benchmark, and a quantitative part, looking at historical price movements. This document explains the exchange inclusion and exclusion process.

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