CryptoCompare Cryptoasset Taxonomy

Report Summary

The taxonomy provides retail and institutional investors, regulators and the industry as a whole with an independent classification of cryptoassets, based on the depth, breadth and scope of CryptoCompare’s global datasets.

In line with CryptoCompare’s rigorous data standards, the taxonomy represents a detailed analysis of 200+ cryptoassets, based on more than 30 unique attributes, covering a range of economic, legal and technological features. CryptoCompare analysed the classification of cryptoassets from a variety of perspectives, including: existing natural cryptoasset groupings; regulatory classifications; access and governance; market cap and volume data; level of decentralisation; generation, distribution and supply concentration, to name but a few.

The taxonomy also offers a summary classification – the CryptoCompare Archetypes. This reflects what CryptoCompare considers the most natural grouping of cryptoassets at this moment in time.

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